I don't care too much about the Steam Deck itself. But quite a few games work a lot better on Linux now than they did a couple of months ago, so yay.

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I can't move to the Fediverse properly until I reproduce my famous pinned post from the birdsite, so here it is:

P.S.A. To all vintage computer and video game collectors:

Go through your collections and GET THE DAMN BATTERIES OUT!

Now! Don't wait! Seriously, put down the phone, go to your collection and take out all the batteries. Right now! Even if they look "okay" they are NOT SAFE after this much time.

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Reasons why someone may not want pronouns in their bio:

1. Person doesn’t want to out themselves
Because of:
A. Abusive family
B. Abusive community
C. Not comfortable yet
D. Repressive government
E. Employer retaliation/abuse

2. Persons native language doesn’t have pronouns, and doesn’t want that linguistic imperialism shit pressed on them

3. Person is unsure of their pronouns

4. And more reasons I can’t list in the character limit. But you get the idea.

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Corona, LongCovid 

Neue Studien aus den Staaten zeichnen ein noch schlechteres Bild bezüglich der Häufigkeit von LongCovid. Bisher ging man davon aus das im Durchschnitt jeder 10. betroffen ist, nach der neuen Studie vom CDC ist es jeder 5 - das ist mal so ganz pauschal eine Verdoppelung.


#Corona #Covid #LongCovid

Covid-, mh- 

And now things start tasting weird, too. Dang. Honestly, if you haven't had Covid yet, try your best not to get it, no matter what people say. Even if you get mild or no respiratory symptoms, it can mess with you in so many other ways.

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Covid-, mh- 

Matters got worse. Now I can smell stuff again, but coffee just smells moldy to me.

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Covid-, mh- 

So those five or six days of Covid quarantine so far didn't really bother me too much, but now I've all but lost my sense of smell overnight and it's really stressing me out...

Covid, mild swearing, some caps 

I don't care if it's mandatory or not, if you're gonna be in an enclosed space with a bunch of other people for any length of time: WEAR. YOUR. F***ING. FACE MASK. 😡😷

Fun fact: Nur, weil etwas "deep" klingt, bedeutet das noch nicht, dass es kein Unsinn ist.

OH: "I don't use Spotify – the artists make more money if I just pirate their music."

So the honey I bought at the supermarket comes from "Brazil, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Chile, Mexico". Sounds reasonable. *looks up local beekeepers*

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I just noticed "foreach" on npm is controlled by a single maintainer.

I also noticed they let their personal email domain expire, so I bought it before someone else did.

I now control "foreach" on NPM, and the 36826 projects that depend on it.

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Würd gern irgendwas programmieren, weiß aber nicht was. 😂

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How do people work without a fan and loud music?

Why I get up at 5.30 in the morning? Because everyone is asleep then, even the fediverse people, so that's the best time to apply updates.

In other news, I now have a proper studio microphone, so if you want to interview the least interviewable person in the world in your podcast or something, just let me know. I think I objectively screwed up the setup of the boom arm, but it does what I want it to do, which is all that really matters. 🤷

Paket so: *braucht drei Tage aus dem tiefsten China bis nach Wien*
Zoll so: "Ach, das war jetzt so schnell hier, das erwartet die nächsten acht Tage eh niemand."

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